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Residential Construction

From nail guns to cranes, from visionary architects to indecisive clients, in your business it’s hard to avoid risk. But you can minimize it. With the right protection taking a chance doesn’t have to mean risking it all. 

was created to let you take advantage of opportunities when they come along. So if you decide to start flipping houses, selling reclaimed lumber, launch a home improvement blog, offer design services, or just about anything else you can think of, just give us a call and we’ll update your account and show you how your coverage applies.

No matter how great an idea or perfect a plan, so much remains out of your control. That’s why THREE was designed to provide the kind of comprehensive coverage necessary to protect your operations, your people and your property, so you can keep your business going and growing.

Your Operations

You can know the ins and outs of the construction business, be an accomplished craftsman and smart decision maker, but none of that matters when a storm (literal or figurative) hits. 

Small businesses make up over 82% of the construction industry.

Man doing residential measurement


We redid a master bathroom this past winter. It looked great, not just a big box store renovation, this was high-end, designer stuff. Anyway, like I said, it looked great, but the shower pan wasn’t installed right—it was leaking into the guest room downstairs. We had to rip out a section of tile, fix the pan, retile and repair all the damage to the ceiling and walls below.  

Man doing residential construction work

Incorrect Work

A couple of years ago I had a job to repave a customer’s driveway. I was busy on a bigger project, so I sent this new guy I’d hired. What a mistake. He skipped the rebar and poured the concrete an inch too thin. A year and a half later I get a call. The whole thing is cracked. Now I have to go tear it all out and do it right. 

Your People

Construction sites are literally littered with danger. The number of things your workers can trip over, step on, get hit with, fall through, hoist up and breathe in, is staggering. No matter how careful you and your people are, if you work in construction, accidents are part of your reality. 

38,000 construction injuries are reported each year. 21,000 of them lead to days away from work.

Construction worker falling off of ladder


Bill was hanging drywall on the first floor of a new construction. He took a step back and tripped over a box of tile another one of my guys had just brought in. He stumbled and fell down the open stairwell into the basement—luckily he just broke his arm and a few ribs. Could have been way worse, but still, he was out of commission for 6 weeks 

Broken Car


I sent one of my guys to the store to pick up some supplies. When he was pulling out of the parking lot this other car tried to jump the light and smacked right into him. Banged him up pretty good. Concussion, back pain, not to mention our company van was in the shop for a week.

Your Property

We know you depend on your people to do great work and help your business grow. But let’s be honest, without the right tools, equipment, materials and even trucks, your people aren’t going to be doing a whole lot of anything. 

77% of stolen equipment is never recovered.


We were working on this house near Lincoln. The walls were up, but no doors to lock yet. Figured it was a nice neighborhood, quiet street—why load up all the tools and equipment just to have to come back and unload it first thing in the morning? I’ll tell you why—because these sleazebags will take anything that’s not nailed down, including what you’d use to nail it down 

Broken car glass

Smash & Grab

I stopped to pick up dinner on my way home. I couldn’t have been inside more than 15 minutes. Came out to a broken window, stolen phone charger, GPS, laser measurer, and set of drill bits. Oh, and they took my thermos too. Who steals a used thermos? 

Construction fire work


It wasn’t the welding sparks, soldering iron or even the cigarette butts. The fire marshal’s report said our space heater is what started it—and wiped out tens of thousands of dollars of our materials and all my tools. Grateful nobody was hurt, but geez, what a nightmare. 

From simple repairs to major renovations

Residential Construction is a broad field where an individual business can experience a good deal of fluctuation in terms of project size and scope. The same company that’s renovating a powder room in the winter might be building an extension in the spring. And that’s okay, THREE can cover your construction business as it evolves. 

THREE provides comprehensive coverage for:

Small business coverage then.

Coverages and gaps notes

Small business coverage now.

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An ounce of prevention

The best way to protect your business is to educate your staff to help prevent risky situations to begin with. In addition to online training tools, THREE offers these convenient posters that you can print out and start using right now.

Ready to simplify your insurance and get ready for whatever comes next?

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