Reviews from verified THREE customers

Rated a 4.6 out of 5

Easy, informative, just what I need

I quickly got a quote that was 40% less than one by a local broker. I asked several questions of Ken G. to make sure I was receiving the right coverage, He was responsive and conscientious, pointing me to the right resources. Everything was answered to my satisfaction.

5 star rating

Carol R. | 05/02/22

Great product and service

This was a great experience from start to finish. Every question was answered and policy and coverage were explained thoroughly. Pretty quick too! I will be recommending 3 to others.

5 star rating

Kelly S. | 04/25/22

Three Simplified my life

Perfect and simple and fast- that’s what Business Owners value. Three Insurance is solid in my book.

5 star rating

Jason G. | 04/30/22

Commercial insurance

Excellent service, both initially and the day after. Needed a COI, and customer service agent waited on the phone until I was prepared. Very patient with me, and I appreciated that.

5 star rating

Gary R. | 04/23/22

Awesome service

Excellent experience with Three I rarely make quick decisions but this one was a no brainer! Speaking with Michael j he was sincere and was really looking out for my best interest and made the process so easy. Very quick and easy process I couldn’t be happier. Thank you

5 star rating

Matt b. | 04/22/22

Small Business Insurance Policy

Hello my name is Willie J Hatchard I am confident to be signed up with Berkshire Hathaway .Agent Mike explained to me the policy I have and upgrades that can be easily made by phone or email.Thank you for making this process easy and affordable.

5 star rating

WILLIE H. | 04/14/22

Doing it right!

It was quick, comprehensive and easy to understand. Thank you

5 star rating

Steve D. | 05/01/22

Easy to do business with

James was very patient and helpful throughout the online transaction.

5 star rating

Jesus S. | 04/30/22


This was the easiest experience EVER!

5 star rating

Candice D. | 04/30/22

Seems like a Rip-Off. Could Use Lots of Improvement

THREE insurance is not what I expected and with the exception of the 2 THREE agents and 1 or 2 support representatives I spoke with — all whom were helpful in answering my questions — I am disappointed in the product itself, the online service, and email support services that I have received so-far. After purchasing the policy, I have experienced much difficulty managing my policy online because the THREE insurance website basically instructs me to call THREE’s service number to speak with THREE’s service advisors for nearly everything that I need to do. Also, requesting a COI through the website has been a difficult process to get a COI that contains correct information, and making updates to incorrect information listed on my account has been a difficult process as well. In addition, the THREE insurance policy is not straightforward and only after purchasing the policy did I find out that it does not provide coverage for some things such as Auto insurance and Worker’s comp, yet I am still currently paying for these items under THREE’s packaged policy. If that isn’t bad enough, THREE doesn’t allow insureds to remove these items and lower our premium. THREE only allows insureds to “activate” parts of the policy, by paying an additional premium to get coverage for items in a policy that we are already paying for. It’s like I am being charged twice.....first just to have everything in the policy and then to “activate” something that I thought was already included in the policy. After all, being covered for everything the THREE policy offers (or rather, everything THREE claims to offer its customers) is why I purchased this policy in the first place. Now I am left with holes in my coverage and only options to add the coverage that THREE will not provide, thus further increasing my premium. Why do I have to pay extra just to get coverage that THREE is already charging me for? If I do not have the full coverage that I am currently paying for, my premium should be lower. Without either a refund for the coverage that is not being provided, or an update to my policy confirming coverage for these items, THREE appears to be a misleading and difficult insurer to work with.

3 star rating

Nicole A. | 04/30/22

Great job!

Your company did great getting me the policy I need at a competitive rate!

5 star rating

Michael S. | 04/30/22

Great service

Great service, easy to enroll, and great price compared to my old coverage.

5 star rating

Dan B. | 04/29/22

I’m very happy with you

I’m very happy with you all service

5 star rating

Raymond P. | 04/28/22

I realize I didn’t need

I realize I didn’t need the service at the time it’s taken so long to return my money after only be with them 12 hrs. If they a problem not returning money I don’t this company being any use of my business

1 star rating

Tonnette F. | 04/28/22

Awesome job when I spoke

Awesome job when I spoke to amber and a great experience in general. Awesome staff and personalities

5 star rating

Sergei P. | 04/26/22

Tony was persistent and professional

Tony was persistent and professional

5 star rating

Kendell N. | 04/26/22

great customer service and flexibility!

Zach R was a pleasure to work with! He was well informed, very helpful and willing to think outside the box to provide me with coverage and was always upbeat. He is a great asset to your company!

5 star rating

Karen C. | 04/26/22

Very helpful in finding exactly

Very helpful in finding exactly what I needed

5 star rating

TIANA D. | 04/26/22

They did a great job.

Quick easy and informative They even helped me get the correct information to the company I was subcontracting from

5 star rating

Brock P. | 04/26/22

Commercial Ins.

Zach R. did a great job, getting back with a quote, asap. Excellent job of explaining all the details needed and the questions we had. Thanks!

5 star rating

Kelly R. | 04/25/22

Great costumer service!

Great costumer service!

5 star rating

Brittany W. | 04/23/22

Business insurance

AH was great! Very professional and helpful. Thanks so much AH. I’m happy we chose THREE for our business insurance.

5 star rating

Delores Y. | 04/23/22

Alain was prompt and attentive

Alain was prompt and attentive to my questions. The THREE website is easy and clear to follow to secure the policy and make payments.

5 star rating

Michael L. | 04/21/22


Had a great experience Very simple process Done in 15 mins Steve was great

5 star rating

Louis A. | 04/21/22

Incorrect COI

I have tried to get a COI sent to the State of TN Licensing Board with the correct information in order to renew my license and repeatedly the information presented on the COI has been incorrect.

1 star rating

Nicholas F. | 04/21/22

Thanks to Todd he helped

Thanks to Todd he helped me and provided great service!

5 star rating

Jennifer D. | 04/20/22

Fabulous customer service

Fabulous customer service

5 star rating

DAVID S. | 04/20/22

I just signed up for

I just signed up for the Three insurance for my property. So far, so good.

5 star rating

Vimal M. | 04/19/22

Review of Three new account services

Alain H. was very professional, courteous and handled my questions thoroughly. I would recommend Three to others in my situation.

5 star rating

Michael L. | 04/18/22

So easy

The on-line wizard got me a quote recommended package in minutes and a follow up phone call got me the increase that I needed for a contract.

5 star rating

Steven E. | 04/16/22

Was great and pleased with

Was great and pleased with the amount

5 star rating

Kayla S. | 04/16/22

Terry Wilson was excellent to

Terry Wilson was excellent to work with.

5 star rating

Cashius M. | 04/13/22

Super friendly people, explained my

Super friendly people, explained my needs and why I would need coverage for those things. Very kind people!

5 star rating

Courtney C. | 04/12/22

Jeff in support was very

Jeff in support was very helpful, impressed with the service.

5 star rating

Rebecca F. | 04/12/22

Zero Customer service

MY ACCT INFORMATION IS INCORRECT. No one has responded or corrected it

1 star rating

Courtney R. | 04/11/22

The agent who sold me

The agent who sold me the insurance did not disclose endorsement papers (which were vital for submission) were not available with the policy. Now I have to wait for an “audit” for your 6 hours of inadequate coverage before receiving a refund.

1 star rating

BRANDON R. | 04/11/22

Great job

Great job

5 star rating

Priscilla B. | 04/11/22

Great so far

Too early to speak to the quality of the insurance. I've only had coverage for about a week. But if their coverage is anything like the service Terry W provided it's going to be great.

5 star rating

Miles R. | 04/08/22

Todd was very responsive and

Todd was very responsive and helpful in answering all my questions, which made me at ease with moving forward with the quote.

5 star rating

Beth L. | 04/07/22

Satisfied Receiving Policy

Terry W. was very helpful walking me through the process to get an insurance policy. He answered all of my questions and asked me along the way if any questions come up.

5 star rating

Martin W. | 04/07/22



5 star rating

Cassandra W. | 04/06/22

Todd was very helpful and

Todd was very helpful and patient as our business worked through several contract signings and the insurance needs changed. I would recommend him.

5 star rating

Jacob L. | 04/06/22

Super helpful - you guys

Super helpful - you guys got the business because of price, but mostly because you picked up the phone (vs. HISCOX, who did not).

5 star rating

Jeff F. | 04/05/22

Daniel was very helpful

Daniel was very helpful. He carefully answered every question I had regarding coverage and process. Since I'm a former insurance agent, I know his answers were spot on. Thx!

5 star rating

Michael S. | 04/05/22

Great professional service and smooth application process

My rep was Tony Yarbrough. Tony was great. The terms of the policy were explained and fairly smooth application process.

5 star rating

Tammy P. | 04/05/22

Business Insurance coverage.

Very easy to deal with over phone.Did not try to sell me ins I didnt need or want to purchase,Alaine was very professional and to the point. My business got covered for what I needed and when. Thanks again. Professional Caret & Upholstery Cleaning Plus LLC Secane Pa

5 star rating

Craig S. | 04/04/22

Easy and quick to complete policy enrollment

The agent helped explain the policy and adjusted the coverage levels I needed. The agent handled the transaction quickly and efficiently. It was very easy to get started with and obtain a letter of coverage for my client.

5 star rating

Robert P. | 04/03/22

Could be better

A little confusing at first but team walked me through it.

3 star rating

CARLOS A. | 04/02/22


Very easy and a great approach to encompassing comprehensive coverage.

5 star rating

Timothy M. | 04/01/22


Súper bien la experiencia con THREE BY BERKSHIRE MATHAWAY, el Agente que me atendió Alain Hernández me explicó con detalles el Seguro que adquirí, muy feliz estoy de formar parte de la Aseguradora como nuevo cliente

5 star rating

Yalena S. | 03/31/22

Great agent

My experience was very good. The agent was knowledgeable and listened to my concerns.

5 star rating

KC s. | 03/31/22

Recommend them!

Educative and appreciate the patience and time he took even being at a later time in the evening.

5 star rating

Brittany B. | 03/29/22

Affordae price for liability insurance

Affordae price for liability insurance for my home services business

5 star rating

Glenn M. | 03/29/22

Great Customer Service

Tony was very clear with everything that we discussed yesterday. He made sure that every single detail was covered. It was a comfortable conversation. His demeanor was very calm and friendly. But most importantly, he's very knowledgeable of the services his company provides.

5 star rating

Yosef B. | 03/25/22

Good experience

Very friend good attitude!

5 star rating

Geoff R. | 03/25/22

Great and quick service by Brian S.

Brian was very professional and was able to anticipate my needs. I was able to move forward very quickly thanks to his great communication.

5 star rating

SANTIAGO G. | 03/25/22