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Restaurants & Taverns

Kitchen fires, knife lacerations, and customer slips and trips—in the Restaurant and Tavern business, risk is always on the menu.

THREE was created to protect and empower, so you can look to the future, capitalize on new opportunities and safeguard what you’ve built. So, if you decide to launch a delivery service, branch into catering, rent your space, start a bartending or wine class, bottle and ship your secret sauce, or just about anything else you can think of, give us a call and we’ll update your account.

No matter how great an idea or perfect a plan, so much remains out of your control. That’s why THREE was designed to provide the kind of comprehensive coverage necessary to protect your operations, your people and your property, so you can keep your business going and growing.

Your Operations

You can spend years fine tuning your menu, curating your wine list and building up a loyal base of regulars, but no matter how on top of things you are, sometimes things just happen.

44 states + D.C. have
dram shop liability laws (meaning you may be liable if someone you served alcohol to is involved in an accident).

Friends celebrating with beer


There was this small group in the back corner, they were celebrating something. Birthday? Promotion? I don’t know. They weren’t here long. One drink each, a round of shots and they left. They seemed fine, then on their way home one of them was in an accident. Legally, I’m liable, but what was I supposed to do?

Credit card transaction


Our reservation system is online and probably 90% of our customers pay with a card. So when we got hacked, it was…like this toxic cloud hanging right over my head. I didn’t know what to do.

Gluten Free Label on Baked Good


We had just added a new salad to the menu: spring greens, tomatoes, goat cheese, avocado, candied walnuts and grilled chicken—a few bites in a customer starts freaking out. She’s dizzy and her throat is swelling. Long story short, there was strawberry juice in the dressing, the chef never told the wait staff.

Your People

The dangers of a busy commercial kitchen may seem obvious. But the additional risk that comes with running a high-turnover business can be harder to spot. Between hiring, firing and promoting there's a lot that can happen. And that's before you even consider potential harassment by coworkers.

More than 1/3 of all sexual harassment claims come from the restaurant industry.

Injured hand


My barista was steaming milk during the morning rush when another employee bumped into him. The burn was bad enough he had to go to the hospital.

Waitress serving beer


When one of my servers came to me and told me Keith, a manager, had been making “inappropriate comments” to her, I was really shocked. I didn’t know how to handle it. I guess it took me too long to figure it out, because before I could do anything, her lawyer had contacted me.

Client complaining about food in restaurant


I had an assistant cook, incompetent. Over cooked food, under cooked food, screwed up orders, just a bad attitude in general. Had to let him go. Comes back and says I “wronged” him. Claims he has a lawyer…

Your Property

When it comes to restaurants and taverns, the list of what-ifs seems to go on forever. Anything from a grease fire to a natural disaster can throw your business into a state of turmoil. Fixing what’s gone wrong and covering your expenses while you do can be daunting, but with THREE backing you up, you know you can do it.

Average number of structure fires in restaurants and taverns each year.

Waitress arranging chairs in a restaurant


Who around here thinks about floods? The paper called it a 100-year flood. Whatever you call it, I call it a mess. When I finally got back in I saw the damage: floor buckled, tables ruined, musty smell. It was a nightmare. It was a month before we were able to reopen—took me a year to make up the lost revenue.

Waiter Looking at Refrigerator


After that big storm last summer, we lost power for 4½ days. Which means we lost refrigeration for two days. Lost all the perishables—the meat, the fish, the cheese…it was a Tuesday so we had just gotten all our deliveries.

Cars collision


The worse the weather, the more calls we get for delivery. If the news says, “stay off the roads,” my delivery guy is guaranteed to be out all night. A couple of months ago he went out with a few orders—it had been raining on and off all day. He was only a mile from the restaurant when he skidded right into a parked car. No one was hurt but the damage was extensive.

From fine dining to dive bars

Just because we refer to the industry as “restaurants and taverns,” doesn’t mean our coverage is limited to these two. In fact, if you serve food or drinks, we can most likely cover you. 

THREE provides comprehensive coverage for:

Small business coverage then.

Coverages and gaps notes

Small business coverage now.

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An ounce of prevention

The best way to protect your business is to educate your staff to help prevent risky situations to begin with. In addition to online training tools, THREE offers these convenient posters that you can print out and start using right now.

Ready to simplify your insurance and get ready for whatever comes next?

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